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Holidays in Chumphon

It is holiday time, and Baan Unrak children packed their bags, collected veggies and all necessities to spend some time outside of the children's home.

It was a long two-day trip to reach the destination.

But our children always enjoy life and have fun, even while traveling for many hours.

On the way, they had great time jumping and swimming in the cool stream of a river.

How much fun was that!


Then finally we arrived to our destination - Chumphon.

Here we felt at home and immediately started cooking.  Each day unfolded with the pleasure of delicious and nutritious homemade meals.

The Chumphon vacation was full of games and excitement.

The children divided into for teams and started the competition, that included not just games, but also cooking, cleaning and other work. Every team was very dedicated to the victory, so our surroundings were always neat and clean and food was always tasty.

The games involved physical and intellectual competition.

Let's see, who is the boldest ...

... who is the most resilient ...

... and who is the fastest at eating!

Children spent a lot of time under the open sky.

Playing football and volleyball.

Spending time together with friends.

Enjoying the youth.

The children were ready to contribute to the renovation of the place that gave them shelter for the holiday.

They did a lot of cleaning, painting and construction. It was a great help for Didi, who stays here.

Baan Unrak children are great at sports, but also great at work.

All four teams felt very close and developed a strong sense of unity.

The winning team celebrated their victory, but all the children, winning or not, felt happy and included.

Boys and girls spent great time with their friends.

Additionally to the games, this trip included cultural and historical knowledge development.

Children learned new things about the culture and traditions of Thailand.

The April heat is the time for the Thai New Year celebration - Songkran!

Baan Unrak children are always eager to unfold their water guns and play in the streets.

The water play continued near the sea, with ball games, swimming, playing and just enjoying the beauty of the nature.

It was a great time for Baan Unrak children.

Now we are ready to go back to the Home with a lot of funny stories to tell our friends and the new energy to share.

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