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One extraordinary little boy – Jack

All our children are special, each is talented in their own way.

Today we present you, Jack.

He is ten years old and half of his life he has been a member of the large family of Baan Unrak.

He is very attentive and hardworking.

Long ago we noticed his amazing musical abilities. And recently one of our friends Irene gave him a ukulele. This musical instrument is perfect for a little boy.

And how much joy it brings to Jack! After a couple of weeks of music lessons, he could already read notes and began to pick up tunes by ear.

After a few classes, Jack is not just playing by notes and chords but also teaching his friends.

But music is just the beginning. We were surprised when we saw Jack's sincere interest in needlework. He loves to embroider, his work is so neat. And who said it's a girly thing?

He happily joined the master class on natural dyeing.

Jack is not just creative, he also has good grades and he is very athletic. You can often see him playing football with the boys in the yard.

Irene had a dream: “I was walking in a big forest with old oak trees. A silver bird was following me, here and there, singing his song. The bird's name was Jack. I was calling sometimes and then he came and sang to me.”

“When I woke up, it came to me that my preciouses silver bird was indeed our Baan Unrak Jack," – tells Irene. After leaving Baan Unrak, she kept tutoring Jack with classes online.

We are happy that Jack has an opportunity to develop his talents. We wish every child in Baan Unrak to discover their superpowers and become successful.

We are grateful to our friends, volunteers, and sponsors, for your constant support.

It’s you, who makes the dreams come true.

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