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Our Children's Graduation

It all started with a trip to Northern Thailand.

Tangmo, who grew up with us, received her Diploma in Nursing!

Kushuma, Chusak and Sumitra, our grownup children currently studying at the university, cleared up their busy schedule to participate in the happiness of their friend.

After few days,

Back in Baan Unrak Tangmo celebrated together with the newly graduated high school students.

As Covid is now everywhere in Sangkhlaburi again...

Our high school students could not have their Graduation Ceremony at school...

So we did it at Home!

This is the biggest group that graduated all together... 5 boys and 4 girls.

All of them want to go to University...

It will be a very big financial challenge for Baan Unrak.

Family Portraits


...with the Mothers of Baan Unrak!

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