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Rescue of the Mother Nature's little babies

A strong storm hit Sangkhlaburi about a week ago.

Not only our home suffered from the violent storm: boys found a broken nest with five baby birds.

First, we tried to put the nest on a tree next to the place it was found, but the mother bird did not show up. And the wind kept blowing.

We had no choice but to take care of the little birds ourselves. They were so small and scared.

Soon we learned how to feed them from a syringe. The babies got used to people and let us feed and even hold them.

Unfortunately, the birds got hurt during the storm. One of them could not make it and died very soon. The others were visibly grieving about the loss of their brother. They were hiding deep in their nest and refused to take food for some time. They looked weak and sad and we were worried if they can survive.

Fortunately, these cheepers have hearts of warriors. Day by day they grew stronger and very soon started learning to fly. Now they are almost covered with feathers and hopefully soon will be ready to become independent.

Children are in love with our little baby birds. They sit silently observing the birds sleep and play and hold them carefully and gently when they allow to.

It is amazing how the birds grew in just ten days!

This devastating storm has destroyed many homes, of humans and animals. We are repairing our house and helping the ones, who need us.


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