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Seaside fun: sweet memories

Do you remember, what it felt when you saw the sea for the first time in your life?

Many of Baan Unrak children experienced it for the first time this year.

It means a lot to them, and we are grateful to our generous sponsors, who made it possible.

You can see from the pictures, how excited they were!

It was a beautiful time of joy and peace.

The children's smiles are priceless, and this time was full of smiles and laughter.

Making castles and sculptures using sand... and friends!

Becoming a piece of art is art itself, isn't it?

Riding babana-boat and falling from it on a rough turn.

Oh, that was so much fun!

Catching crabs (and releasing them afterwards)

Spending time with friends and creating strong bonds between our hearts. People are our most valuable treasure

Transforming into dinosaurs and fighting in the water

And just chilling

The only sad part about the sea is that always comes a time when you have to leave

But we will come back, we know it!


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