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Sharing spirituality in Malaysia

A team of 5 people from Baan Unrak took a meaningful journey to Malaysia with a noble mission: to share the knowledge of yoga and meditation. The event was hosted by dedicated followers of Sai Baba, our good friends and allies on the path of the service.

Two Baan Unrak graduates, Ice and Sumitra, joined the trip to Sarawak to contribute to a two-day workshop.

During the extended layover in Kuala Lumpur, the girls had the opportunity to discover the city's iconic towers and vibrant markets.

Ice and Sumitra, having completed their university education, have returned to serve Baan Unrak as devoted volunteers. They play integral roles within the Home, contribute to office tasks, and in organizing activities for the children. As they are former children of our Home, their perspective and understanding of the needs and challenges are very important, making their contributions immeasurable.

Upon our arrival at the retreat location, we immersed ourselves in the morning's spiritual song chanting. This allowed us to absorb the subtle vibrations, foster a deeper connection with our hosts, and gain a better understanding of their perspectives.

The yoga retreat commenced with a ceremonial fire, which Didi and our host Tony kindled together.

Around one hundred people hailing from different corners of the world converged for this special event. We welcomed participants from Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, India, and various European countries, uniting in the spirit of yoga and mindfulness.

Didi gave discourses on various topics, starting from the very beginning, starting at the foundational level and delving progressively deeper. Her words resonated with the souls of the attendees and gave answers to many unasked questions.

The girls sang beautiful songs with deep meaning: "Imagine" by John Lennon and "May the love we share spread its wings".

These beautiful songs convey our ideas and messages in a way that resonates with and can be understood by everyone. Music has the power to transcend language and touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.

One big duty of the girls was to represent our weaving and bakery production and tell more about the projects behind.

Almost everything was sold out!

People were delighted to acquire high-quality eco-friendly products that also contribute to the welfare of our children's home and single mothers' project.

Throughout the seminar, three asana classes were conducted to enable participants to sit comfortably during the classes and meditation, free from the discomfort of joint and muscle pain, - and teach an important knowledge of the art of balancing the body and mind with short daily exercises.

We came together to dance as one, forming a circle and then taking our seats in the center to immerse ourselves in the reverberation of the powerful sound of "Baba Nam Kevalam" (love is all).

The girls also joined the inner circle, fully embracing the high energy of the moment.

Didi and her team shared so much of what they truly believe in, and the depth of their sincerity touched the people's hearts, often bringing tears of gratitude to their eyes.

As the workshop came to a close, we were honored to partake in the traditional music and dance of Sarawak. The girls even learned some of the dance movements and joined in the festivities.

As Didi took a well-deserved rest from her teaching duties, the girls had the opportunity to stroll through the charming streets of Kuching, savoring the cool evenings and exploring the local surroundings.

Small rituals before asking the Universe important questions that resonate within every girl's heart.

It was a truly wonderful experience for us. We felt incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with so many beautiful souls and to have forged numerous new friendships along the way.

This journey was incredible for our girls, expanding their horizons and unlocking their hearts to a new culture, new friendships, and new experiences. It was a realization of how many people yearn to learn about meditation, a practice our children naturally embrace in Baan Unrak.

Spiritual knowledge is a fundamental birthright of every human being, and we consider it a great honor to share it with others, spreading the light of spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Sharing the sacred wisdom of yoga with people who have open hearts is a profound blessing that reinforces our belief that we are all interconnected, transcending our differences in age, nationality, background, and religion.

We are, at our core, one harmonious whole.

We feel grateful to our generous hosts, Sai Baba devotees, who have invited us and meticulously organized the event. With their open hearts, they are ready to welcome everyone with noble intentions in their beautiful retreat center.


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