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Special blessing of Baan Unrak

In the past three months, two new babies have been born in Baan Unrak.

Two young pregnant women came to us when they needed help. We feel honored to have a chance to serve them in this important moment. It is a special blessing for us to take care of young mothers and their precious babies.

Lovely baby boy Sukesh came first. He lives in one of our new rooms with his mother and two other little children. He is a cheerful and curious little boy. With bated breath, we watch him grow and explore the world.

Precious Anantaya came to this world just a couple weeks ago and immediately won our hearts. She is the very embodiment of tenderness and love, and it is simply impossible to remain indifferent.

Young mothers need special support and here in Baan Unrak they have a loving community that cares about them. They get the best rooms and best conditions we can provide.

Babies are always very loved in Baan Unrak. Other children can’t wait to hold the babies, play with them and give them comfort. Some pregnant women come here with the intention to leave their babies, but receiving all the love and care they realize how precious is their gift to this world, so they change their mind.

Single moms come to Baan Unrak because they do not have any hope left. They are lonely, insecure and heartbroken.

Here they are surrounded with care and acceptance. They do not feel alone anymore, they are safe. The love of our children for the baby helps single mothers to recover, to realize how precious their baby is and how lucky they actually are.

We can see how young women change during their stay in Baan Unrak. Hope returns into their lives illuminating the future. Darkness of desperation disappears. They get enough energy, become strong enough to move on and face the obstacles. They overcome fear and move towards a new life focusing on raising up their child.

We feel blessed to have their trust and a possibility to help.


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