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Spiritual side of education: starting the day

In Baan Unrak, we strive to develop ourselves in all ways: physically, intellectually and spiritually. Let's look at spirituality today.

Morning routine starts early. At 5 AM we all meet in a meditation hall. One of the children takes a guitar and starts singing the mantra. Other children join immediately and soon the mantra can be heard everywhere around.

Then we sit comfortably cross-legged and dedicate fifteen minutes of our time to immerse ourselves in the contemplation of the Supreme within ourselves. We fill our hearts with love to enter the new day with this feeling.

Next we do some asanas or yogic exercises. One of the children shows the technique and gives instructions. Asanas are followed by self-massage and relaxation.

After relaxation we dance yogic dances, kaoshikii and tandava. Kaoshikii strengthens the body and makes it flexible, improves concentration, calms and purifies the mind. Tandava is a dance for men only. It gives physical endurance and mental strength to overcome any obstacles.

Now we are ready for new challenges!

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