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Our Bakery

As part of our goal to be self-sustaining, we operate our newly renovated bakery which sells all kinds of vegetarian meals and snacks. All the delicious food is made with love, but no animal products.  We have fabulous ratings on TripAdvisor.


Our Apparel Shop, Bookstore and Internet Cafe


While enjoying the food at the bakery, check out the hand made fashions crafted in our weaving center.


You can even pick up something to read in our little book shop. We have perhaps the best English-language selection in town.


Next to our little library is our popular internet service. Guests pay a small fee to use our computers, but of course free Wifi is available to all those who bring their own laptop.


All the profits from the center support our other programs.


Please visit our online shop if you cannot see us in Sangklaburi.

Many Roles

The bakery is not only a means to generating revenue; it is also one a way of providing work for some of the many Burmese people in the area who have fled their homeland to the Thai border area in search of work. It also functions as an occupational training center where some of our older children can gain valuable experience learning about the service industry. Last, but not least, the bakery is where Baan Unrak gets its sweets and baked goods for the children on special occasions.

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