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A festival of light for our founder

“Thank you, to have made my life exciting” were the words Didi had to say when expressing her feelings to all the children and staff of Baan Unrak, who were gathered in the big dining hall, after extinguishing hundreds of candles which were lightened up.

It was Didi’s birthday, the founder of Baan Unrak. The children had managed to surprise her once again with a festival of light. The beauty of the hall was overwhelming.

While Didi was still recovering from that grandiosity, some teenage girls suddenly stood up on all sides and gradually approached her serranading her with the song “ When I was just a little girl, I asked my Mother what will I BE….”

It was an amazing feeling of recognition. It summed up all the 28 years mission of Didi at Baan Unrak.

It was amazing. It was fluid Joy. Such exciting life it has been! lived to the brim.

The festivities should have ended there with the cake. But someone else wanted to surprise Didi too.

Ishvari was wheeled up in front of Didi. She was holding an abundantly large wrapped package, to be opened in front of everyone. The packages was not to be opened at once as they had created layers upon layers of wrapping, As Didi was going through the layers the sweetness and the challenges of the past emerged as she finally reached the actually gift. A gift from the children of the past.

Were the children of the past.

It was so sweet to find them there

Our caring and beautiful children

Malika (fearless and brave),Sopa ( Always caring/worrying for all the children of Baan Unrak), Pirot (tender and sweet), Mala (deeply caring), Baby(silent and full of kindness), Bhavani (like to explore new things), Ayati (Never forgets, she is always thankful), Abha (vibrant of life and ever fresh), Priti (was the one who knew we should build our new home on the hill, after having a dream of Baba.), Prabha (dutifully and sacrificing), Purna (Brave and full energetic), Amon(Protecting and caring), , Aye Aye na (very sensitive and pure), Janako( (acceptance and serving),

Ananta(ever ready to assist), Toto(thoughtful and a dreamer), Chaday(persistent), Targi(independent and conquering), Notuto (eager to know life).

We have had many difficult times but we made through it. Many children could graduate and others made different choices. I know that life is not always kind to them. They have to struggle to be established and accomplished. But they are brothers and sisters and so they reached out to each other through social media and decided to plan the big surprise for their Mother and mentor “ Didi”.

Our staff joined in to encourage them

Aye Aye zan (Always ready to jump in and help)

Kru Ball (understanding and caring)

Nuwan (strong minded)

It finally came A Beautiful and powerful hand phone equipped with all the gadgets needed to make Didi’s jobs more easy.

Truly amazing. It was not expected and a real surprise.

It was great. It was amazing.

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