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An Empowering Experience

It was an extraordinary experience that touched the Soul of Baan Unrak.

The long way to reach to this day...

It all began more than a year ago, when we started a long process to build a new Clinic in Baan Unrak in order to face the pandemic.

There was lot of work involved to create this Clinic,

and because we were able to complete it,

we wanted to have the best start possible,

inaugurating it with a Spiritual Retreat.

It was the most auspicious moment,

the culminating point of many people's effort.

Everybody at Baan Unrak worked together to make it happen.

We knew that not many people would be able to physically come, but...

we put energy into it as if a great number of people were coming here.

In fact, only a few were able to come.

But virtually, we were joined by many people online on Zoom.

We knew we were not alone. We felt the power of a spiritual community behind us.

And we saw them on the big tv screen.

It was so empowering to be the focus of a larger community.

All Baan Unrak felt responsible to make it happen.

The Spiritual Retreat

It really happened, early in December,

as the result of a common wish.

The wish to move together,

To sing together, to come to know our minds together...

To unite our intentions...

Our hearts as one heart,

Our minds as one mind.

The children absorbed the vibrant energy

The little ones were the first to get into the flow,

as they are more sensitive, more pure… in tune with the universe.

The excitement was there, in the air…

It gave vitality and energy to our hearts...

At the Pagoda at the top of Baan Unrak hill,

from early morning...

Singing, dancing, moving together as One.

The children absorbed it all…

Once such experience touches you,

the memory remains.

The children glanced to a higher purpose in life...


Stories were told… about the discovery of spirituality,

and the children were spellbound.

They listened... they wondered... they longed for more.

Then, they gave their contribution in the form of...

artistic performances

Watch it on YouTube here:

Watch it on YouTube here:

The children had their share of fun too,

with a special game...

The Game of Life

"The Awakening of the Dragon"

The purpose is to awaken the dragon that, symbolically, represents the powerful energy within ourselves.

It was played by four teams:

Busy Bodies, Book Worms, the Keepers of Truth, and the Seekers.

These teams had to face some challenges, in order to get victory over the elements:

earth, water, fire, air, space.

It was really entertaining and exciting…

and the Seekers won it!

Through this whole experience,

Our community has awaken to a new dimension.

This experience left us energized, alive... changed.

We became more excited and focused on the ultimate goal of life.

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