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A Joyful Christmas at Baan Unrak

Christmas this year have been particularly special at Baan Unrak. Especially because we could share this joyful moment with many guests. Our friends from Sai Baba organization where with us, and after 3 intense days of Service, we had a big celebration on their last day. And so, first it was…

Presents Time!

All gathered in the dining hall, beautifully decorated with paper snow crystals and cotton snowflakes, every child received a big bag full of gifts, from clothes to toys, comic books and much more. Just see the joy in their eyes!

Then, when the sun went down, we got ready for the much awaited…

Christmas Show!

We even had our goats, ducks, and even cows to participate in the live nativity scene, with our teenagers Somsi as Mary and Mina as Joseph, while little Tanwa was the cutest baby Jesus.

The show started with the smaller children performing a traditional Karen dance. Then little Puspa, 5 years old, microphone in hand, delighted the audience singing “Head shoulders knees and toes!”

The atmosphere was magic when, by candlelight, guided by Didi’s soft voice we meditated together. Breathing in Love… and breathing out Love…

Then we recreated the story of the Nativity in a beautiful Shadow Show, with cardboard silhouettes made by the children.

The Indian dance, full of grace and charm, followed.

And then Baan Unrak signature: the Yoga Show!

We also had clown waiters serving pizza, tea and chocolate cake to the public! After the show, the children jumped on stage and started dancing. Then, they went behind the scenes and kept on dancing some more, in a funny and improvised shadow show!

Here you can see the previous Christmas celebrations at Baan Unrak:

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