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A school in the valley

The teachers of Ban Huai Khayeng desperately needed an English teacher and came looking for one in our organization. Baan Unrak Management agreed to let 3 of the volunteers visit them on such short notice. We were told that the entire institution had no English background and the teachers were also struggling to reach a higher level in this language.

They were surprised and inspired by the level of English speaking children in our organization and wanted the same for their institute. 3 kids were chosen to join in this endeavour as a translator and help to communicate and set an example for the school.

Vijai, Sandaso and Aniphno were chosen to join the journey. As they arrived the teachers and students were waiting to give them a warm welcome. They greeted the teachers and Baan Unrak children respectfully and were excited in attending the lectures.

The children of Baan Unrak did very well. They were participating enthusiastically and most of the time they were taking over the volunteers class and teaching the students themselves.  Vijai turned out to be a superstar for those kids. He participated not only in the class but also in the field playing football and badminton, and excelled in both areas. The teachers wanted him to stay and continue to inspire their children. Sandaso was an excellent translator and she was good in managing and helping out with all grades. The kids liked her sense of humour and her presence. She took the initiative to give ideas when creating a programme for the class each day. Aniphno managed everything which included the meals and basic communication with the kids beyond expectation. Every kid loved her caring attitude and the teachers appreciated her help in giving accurate translation.

The teachers were kind and wanted to express their gratitude by taking the group on several sightseeing trips which was highly appreciated. It was a joyful experience. All the 3 kids, and the volunteers are looking forward to a future collaboration with these amazing teachers and enthusiastic students.

It created a positive impact on Baan Unrak’s  children and the interaction was fruitful for them and the children of the valley. We hope that such interactions continue in the future so that it inspires Baan Unrak’s children to grow and see the world from a different perspective.

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