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A Special Relief

Usually our teenagers go out on “relief” once a month. This activity consists in bringing some food and essential things to the poorest people around us.

This month, the relief was special. In fact, soon we will celebrate 100 years of Baba’s coming among us. He is our spiritual mentor, and doing service is one of our ways to celebrate Him. During his life, he used to be very happy whenever we did anything for social welfare.

During the relief, we met a lot of new people that need our help. Our children have to make much more efforts in this special time. Service is part of Baan Unrak life. We believe that we share the same destiny of our community, therefore, if our community suffers, we also suffer.

Our service does not guarantee the overall improvement of their life, but it is a must in time of crises. That is why our teenagers are trained to observe and engage into conversation, trying to find local resources that could give the people in the community the capacity to stand by themselves.

We find that there is a treasure of knowledge among the elderly. We can learn so many things from them, about natural medicine, history, get very good advises about life, and much more.

The relief project empowers our teenagers. They feel useful, responsible and gradually explore their own position into the society. Helping others strengthens their team spirit and, at the same time, they have fun.

In the end, they are still children!

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