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A three days opening mind experience

It was amazing for our children to welcome to our home many young people from the Sangkhaburi community.

It was a Vocational skills training seminar

With so many interesting worshop


It was a Seminar to empower the youth of Sangkhlaburi

About 7 different community of teenager has met at Baan Unrak children home.

We had more than 120 teenager. It was The very first very crowded event after covid.

It was nice to see that life started to pick up speed again.

Children started to interact.

The leaders and the trainers were very skillful to bring the children together.

Snacks and natural drinks were provided. It was a great opportunity to have small talks and to know each other.

Natural shampoo


Make sugar from sugar cane

Natural dye

Preserve of food

Natural medicine

Cooking and baking

organic fertilizer

Making cartoon

In the end the children committed to practice and to develop a skill of their choice.

It has been great to be together. Even for a short time we learned a lot and we opened our mind to new horizons.

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1 Comment

Steven Loh
Steven Loh
Sep 21, 2022

Good development for the kids. well done baan unrak

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