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Urgent requirements for survival

The war in Burma/Myanmar continues to devastate the lives of countless innocent people.

Located right next to the Burmese border, for more than three decades Baan Unrak has been a loving home for thousands of children, including manychildren who were uprooted from Burma.

Back in 1990, the first Burmese children have hound a safe haven in Baan Unrak, and the refugee families got support.

We saw their houses destroyed by the war. We saw them desperate. We provided shelter, food, and medical assistance.

Later on, many of the refugees have become a part of Baan Unrak community, establishing a secure and nurturing environment for their families.

The war continues to ruin lives

Now, in 2024, it is happening again: people are fleeing from their homes; children are being separated from their parents.

The refugees have build their shelters from simple materials with plastic sheeting used to shield the roofs from rain, a crucial measure during the upcoming rainy season.

It is our time to help the ones, who have lost everything

Baan Unrak graduates, with the great support of our friends and sponsors, are delivering the basic necessities to the refugee villages.

You can make a difference

The needs of the people are very simple: plastic roof top, pots for cooking, buckets for water and showers, mosquito nets, plates and cutlery, mats and blankets and medicines.

You could be the ones to save the lives of some of those  people

There is no one else to help them

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