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It is time to say the words of congratulations to Baan Unrak children of all ages.

They have successfully graduated at all levels!

Firstly, we celebrate our little ones who have completed nursery and are eager to begin first grade.

They are so proud and happy!

The big school awaits them, ready to welcome their bright minds and eager spirits.

Moreover, the middle school students have received congratulations from Didi, their friends, families, and care-mothers.

In addition to their graduation ceremony, they demonstrated their extensive knowledge in geography, accurately naming the flags of countries from all continents.

Many Baan Unrak children received certificates of gratitude for their hard work and outstanding achievements.

The atmosphere was filled with hugs, smiles, and love, as they shared this momentous occasion with their loved ones.

Two of our children, Rochana and Yuttana, have finished grade 12 this year and heading to their university life in Bangkok.

Their future is bright and full of potential. Our whole Baan Unrak family is proud of them and ready to provide support whenever needed.

Finally, two Baan Unrak girls, Mimi and Sumitra, have completed their university education this year!

Sumitra has become a physiotherapist and returned to Baan Unrak to support the Home, particularly working with Ishvarii.

Mimi has received a degree in tourism and hospitality and is eager to contribute to the world through this field.

We are delighted to see our children spreading their wings towards a bright and successful future.


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