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Animal Caring

At Baan Unrak we teach to love everything around us. Sometimes the animals are suffering from something and we, humans, can make a difference and help these small being. It is the only way to re-establish harmony in nature and in ourselves.


One of our volunteers has found four little kittens in his bag under the bed.

This time there's not much to do other than make sure they're comfortable.

A team of brave children come to assess the situation.

They found a box in the kitchen that can be used as a shelter for the kittens.

The savior team can return to see the cats and ensure their comfort.

The mom cat had different plan and soon she took the little one away.

But they came back and she took them away again.

Finally one remain and became the mascot of our boy's house.

the other little one did not forget us and they came to visit time to time.


One of our little girl, Ishvari, needs to exercise a lot. To do anything for her is very difficult.

She just learn how to paint but it's hard. She needs inspiration. Murphina our turtle gave that to her.


In our village, one of our goat had a baby.

She is so friendly that she sometimes accompanies us during our activities.

However, we must not forget to take care of her and that is what one of our boys did without even being asked.


What about the dogs?

Sangkhlaburi is an area where many dogs are left to themselves. Often they suffer from malnutrition or infection. We are sensitive to this and we have decided to take care of some of them.

Here are some of our children walking these dogs.

We can not help it, we fell in love with them.

Animals have feelings. It is our duty to take care of them and ensure their well-being.

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1 Comment

Steven Loh
Steven Loh
Aug 26, 2022

I am so touched, seeing the lovely kids pouring love to the animals. Well done BaanUnrak

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