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Baan Unrak 32nd anniversary

Last week we celebrated the 32nd anniversary of Baan Unrak.

This is a very special day for us, because on this October day, 32 years ago, our spiritual Master passed away. But every ending is also a new beginning. So exactly the same day is the birthday of Home of Joy. That's why it is such a meaningful day.

A great holiday begins with preparation: children clean and decorate the pagoda.

We start early in the morning, from 5 am to 8 am we sing the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam (love is all). Children raise their hands up - this is a gesture of victory, joy and unity.

We have the best musicians! They inspire and unite us in one flow.

Ishvari also wants to join and we are always happy to be with her!

One of Baan Unrak's priorities is spiritual development. Therefore, we do not miss the opportunity to meditate together. Feels great!

What is a birthday without gifts? Everyone receives some sweets from our spiritual friends in Vietnam.

What a wonderful day!

Our spiritual Master said:

“It is action that makes a person great. Be great by your sádhaná (spiritual practice), by your service, and by your sacrifice.”

We are doing our best to live accordingly. Talk less, work more. Whatever obstacles we are overcoming, there is always a way to help those who are in need. And whatever we have, we share.

This is what makes life meaningful.

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