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Bangpu Nature Education Center

Nine Children went to the Bangpu Nature Education Center which is outside of Bangkok to plant Mangrove trees for a project with Rangsit University.

Some children from Baan Unrak children’s home  were invited to participate in this project.

The project was to restore and replenish the Mangrove Trees along the coastline. These trees are special because they are salt tolerant trees and can easily adapt to life in harsh coastal conditions. These trees are important because they are an essential source of food for thousands of coastal fish species. The trees also trap sediments flowing down rivers and off the land. Helping to stabilize the coastline and prevents erosion from waves and storms. When the children arrived they were given great knowledge about the trees and the effects they have on the ecosystem by the University students working on the project.

The children helped to plant roughly fifty trees. It was an amazing experience of working in nature. They were knee deep in muddy water, which they loved! It was hard work but fun. All of this was to commemorate Earth Day. They returned to Baan Unrak with fun stories of their adventure.

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