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Big children came back to help home at school holiday

As we were nearing Christmas and New Years, many of our University students returned from school. They have been incredibly helpful in leading and facilitating events for their younger brothers and sisters.

Lochoy was the first to arrive.  He came back just in time as a valuable employee left for his own holiday vacation. Lochoy take over his job to help out with the teenage boys: to see they come in time for meditation, do their job properly and to ensure they don’t get into trouble. Beside that he made a plan for our Christmas celebrations

Tang Mo arrived second. Even before getting into town she was helping us by visiting Sponsors, shopping for bakery supplies, and helping send out Christmas cards.

When she came back to Baan Unrak, she evaluated our operations and determined a Thai website would better connect us to the Thai community and improve participation from our local country

When she completed all of that she began organizing all the festivities of Christmas such as food, decorations, shows and games. It is a huge job.

Just today Prema and Sumitra, two more of our children, traveled through the night to help with our events. Prema is our photographer and Sumitra is taking care of the nursery children, keeping them safe and happy.

Later on other children will come back during the holiday season to help the home. We are so lucky to have such good hearts children.

We are proud of these children – they know how to solve social problems, how to relate to the people, and how to help create activities in completely by their own effort.

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