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Mind-blowing performance

Baan Unrak children have performed in two incredible shows in Bangkok.

First one took place in the Agriculture museum, which brings innovative ideas for sustainability and unites people who want to take care of their land and Earth in general.

Baan Unrak also brought things to share like dried herbs from our garden and production of the bakery.

Many people came to learn something new and refresh their vision.

Our children sang beautiful songs and played guitar.

And of course they amazed the audience with beautiful dances and the yoga show.

The biggest performance

Inspired by the success of the first show our children felt ready to perform for the Bromsgrove International School Thailand students.

This was a serious performance and required a serious preparation: practice on the new stage, professional make up and some finishing touches.

But first we went for a tour around the school. Incredible!

And then the show begun. It was a whole hour performance for over 160 people.

The children started with the yoga show and the audience got fascinated from the very beginning. No one could expect such a high level from a performance fully prepared by children. The public could not stop applauding.

For this show children prepared a few brand new dances. The performance was very different from what public could see before, as we have discovered new dance stars among Baan Unrak children.

Araya, who is 14 years old, is dancing with a group of big children and teaching the small ones. She is their lead choreographer.

Fashion show is one more project made in collaboration of Baan Unrak children and graduates together with Baan Unrak weawing and sewing center.

Small children are so cute and pure, they always have the love of the audience.

The bigger children continued with Alice in Wonderland theme in their own manner.

Big children shined in the Goddess fashion show. Here they showed the power of the young energy. They are majestic and truly godlike.

Kusuma is the designer of the clothes of the fashion show.

Praipana is one of our big talents. Her singing voice is just stunning.

In the end of the show children sung a few songs all together with Vijay playing guitar.

The audience burst into applause that did not abate for a few minutes.

Videos from the show

Fashion show:

The whole visit to Bromsgrove International School:

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