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Bright future for our new children

Baan Unrak provides home, food, medical help, and education to children in need from Thailand and Myanmar.

Last year several teenage children joined our big family. Some of them have abandoned their studies, while others have never had the opportunity to pursue education due to various reasons.

Baan Unrak graduates have taken the responsibility to prepare these children to enter the grown-up study program.

Every day our new children diligently study at the Baan Unrak library.

They learn English, Thai, mathematics, science, and other subjects. With the personal approach soon they will be ready to enter school and study together with their mates.

Of course, the children also have time to express themselves through art.

In order to provide our new children with a bright future and more opportunities in life, we are teaching them crafting techniques.

Weaving: the children learn how to weave the fabric with the ethnic traditional method. This is a valuable skill for future survival and a way to stay connected to the roots and their origins. Moreover, it helps to preserve the traditional weaving techniques, which is being overshadowed by machine production.

Sewing: the children learn how to make clothes, accessories, and other products for themselves and for selling.

They enjoy crafting and feel happy to see the results of their efforts. This work requires skill and concentration but brings the satisfaction of creating a piece of art that will serve and benefit others.

In addition to their homeschooling and skill development, our new friends spend a lot of time with the other children of the Home and the broader community. They join the important events and create strong connections.

They show what they are capable of on the sports ground and quickly earn the respect of their peers.

They enthusiastically participate in events and enjoy themselves with new friends.

The children are active participants of the relief programs, supporting the poorest members of our community.

They are happy to become the ones who bring hope.

The boys have become very consistent in gym exercises growing strength and self-confidence.

The girls have become a part of the performing team: they dance and amaze us in the yoga show.

As we get to know each other better, they win our hearts with sincerity and kindness, becoming our dear friends and an irreplaceable part of our community.

And they always have each other: friends, support, and close bonds that strengthen their hearts.

We are grateful to these children for enriching our Home with their presence, and we are committed to providing them with a happy life full of opportunities, just as they deserve.


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