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Children Cooking!

In this time of Covid, we cannot have helpers from outside.

We are on our own, and we have to do all by ourselves!

And we are pleased to do it. We are happy to do it!

Our children have taken responsibility of all the housework…

A group of children cooks for all their brothers and sisters.

They also get some pocket money, so they can buy things they like… like sweets!

Our little Chefs always add the secret ingredient…


Cooking joyfully is a great secret to prepare sentient & delicious food.

The children know it… And in our kitchen there is always a happy mood.

We are trying to become, as much as possible, self-sufficient. At least regarding the food supply. Therefore, we are putting lot of effort in our vegetable garden.

Meanwhile, we feel lucky…

In our land plenty of bamboo grows…

…that we can cook and eat!

In the past few weeks Covid has spread all around us, with cases in the neighboring villages. Even though we are still in quarantine, now we have to wear a mask at Home at all times.

It is not easy to always wear a mask… (especially when eating) but we try our best!

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