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Children's Day yoga show in Bangkok

Children's Day is the day to have fun and to be happy. And for this purpose, we came to Bangkok with our yoga team: to bring children of Bangkok a wonderful show and an important message.

Our goal is not only to find harmony in our movements, but also achieve unity of souls.

Still, despite of the serious mission, our children are having so much fun.

Children are having a good time in Bangkok. We take every opportunity to enjoy the day.

Happy moments of joy.

After having fun children are ready to fulfill their duty that brought us to Bangkok. We are proud to entertain children and grownups of the capital city with our special show.

Children from Baan Unrak regularly practice yoga, inspiring them to create unique shows of yogic and acrobatic exercises. As soon as they started, all the people stopped their activities and became silent. This brings a special moment for us. When people observe every movement with full attention, we become more focused and we feel beautiful and powerful.

Love exchange between the public and performers inspire us for more achievements.

What made this performance particularly special was that the children prepared the entire show by themselves, showcasing not only their physical abilities but also their creativity and hard work.

Group performance brings children together, and makes them a real team. They train together, share responsibility, and celebrate success together. This is how strong friendships are formed.

The children were excited and proud to show what they have learned and achieved through their hard work and dedication. We woke up very early that morning to prepare for the important day.

Yoga has always been an important part of the daily routine of our children, helping with our physical and mental well-being, and also providing us with an opportunity to express ourselves creatively.

We have built this show to bring the message of yoga to everyone.

The acrobatic yoga show was a display of the children's dedication, discipline, and hard work. The children performed a variety of acrobatic yoga poses and movements that required a high degree of coordination, balance, and strength.

The audience was amazed by the children's performance and many were moved to tears by the children's courage and resilience. Looking at the public you could feel a wave of emotions.

The performance was accompanied by a stand with Baan Unrak graduate design clothes made in our own weaving center and our bakery products.

The event was a great success in terms of raising awareness about the work of Baan Unrak and the children it serves. We are bringing very specific messages, that are important to our group. At this moment we are unique.

The event was a great reminder of the importance of supporting organizations that provide care and support for disadvantaged children, and how these children can achieve great things with the right guidance and support.

Here is some feedback from our guests:

"It was beautiful! Thank you so much"

"Lovely to see you today. The kids were amazing. My eyes got all teary with joy"

"It is amazing, how talented the children are. They are strong and fearless and also very creative"

"The show was incredible! Thank you"


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