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Competitions & More Online Shows

In the occasion of an Online Yoga Conference, our children performed the yogic dances of Kaoshiiki and Tandava… with full uniform!

We also had Kaoshiiki and Tandava online competition throughout South-East Asia!

Kaoshiiki Competition

This yogic dance was invented by our spiritual master, Baba (“Father”), in September 1978. For the anniversary this year, a competition was held across South-East Asia.

Our children competed with peers from other countries, enduring it for 20 minutes!

Gracefully bending to the sides, forwards and backwards, Kaoshiiki opens up the major meridians of the body, increasing circulation and energy flow.

This yogic dance develops all the layers of the mind. It is based on mudras, with deeper spiritual meanings.

After our teenagers, it was the turn of our little girls to virtually compete with children from all over South-East Asia.

Tandava Competition

The dancers competed for 10 endless minutes of vigorous jumping, raising from the ground while keeping the arms as straight as possible.

This is the ancient dance of Shiva, known as Nataraja, Lord of the Dance. (…see this previous post about Tandava)

Then it was the turn of the younger boys to compete…

Meet the winners!

Our Dharma is the best of South-East Asia in the category 12 to 20 years old.

Our Yogesh is the best in the category 2 to 11 years old.

They endured the exhausting dance for 10 minutes in perfect style. It seemed that they could go on forever..!

Prabhat Samgiita Day

On this special day, our music group virtually joined people from all over South-East Asia to sing songs from the immense collection of 5018 devotional songs composed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, known as Prabhat Samgiita.

Here, the lyrics of one of the songs performed by our children:

I love this tiny green island, surrounded by the sea. Touched by the sea, decorated by the sea. I love this tiny green island, surrounded by the sea.

Am I a secluded figure, in the vast a little, a meager? No, no, no, no, I’m not alone. Great is with me. The Great is with me.

For the Online Yoga Conference, our children also prepared new artistic performances:

“Mora Mukta Bhumir Meye”

In the beautiful setting of our organic farm, where we grow vegetables and fruit by the lake, our little girls performed this joyful song that goes… On mountains and hills, beside rapids and rills, in song and dance we whirl… we are blessed girls!”

Shiva Song

Performed by our girls Rochana and Praipana, this is a tribute to Lord Shiva, the great yogi who lived 7000 years ago and gave so many contributions to society, such as music, dance, mantra, meditation, yoga…

The song goes… “Vajra Kathora… ” (You are as strong as a thunderbolt) “Kusuma Koraka… ” (yet you are as tender as a flower bud)

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