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Congratulation to Our Grade 6 and Grade 9 Children

Today is the last day of school and one of the most charming days for Baan Unrak.

As we watch the performance of our children we felt that we have a wonderful team of young people. They are strong, powerful and have a lot of potential.  We are pleased to see that the children under our education system are developing. We see them growing with good principles. We feel this year the majority of them have become truly remarkable people.

The school is guided by strong and moral people. The teachers instruct with good hearts and motivate with positivist.

Academics are not the only focus – we also support practicing the fine arts. During the school year, we could see the children’s creations and some painting are amazingly beautiful. Some crafts they made are impressive.

In conclusion, we are proud of our school and the human value that we are teaching to our children.

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