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COVID-19 has come to Baan Unrak

Covid was all around us. In the villages bordering our home, and all over Sangkhlaburi. So we knew that it was only a matter of time… that Covid would reach us too.

We have made efforts to build a Clinic inside our Home…

in order to isolate sick children in case of pandemic. 

The Clinic is still under construction. The project includes two floors, but at the moment only the first floor is completed. And that’s not enough to face this emergency.

Our children started to feel sick, one after the other…

They started to have a severe headache and fever. Then sore throat and pain in the body, cough and running nose. Some also lost taste and smell.

We promptly reported, and they came from the hospital to test us all.

Children were frightened… by the swab, and by those people wearing white coveralls.

The results of the COVID-19 test:

80 positive

59 negative

Now we are dealing very carefully with the emergency.

The children positive to Covid have been moved to separate rooms. They are in complete isolation. They cannot leave the room for the next 2 weeks… and that’s not easy at all for children.

We leave them food outside the door, and only the nurse go inside to check the sick children, taking all the necessary precautions.

The children negative to Covid are helping in any way they can. And they are working hard. The same group of healthy children has to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for all Baan Unrak.

Our nurse Tang Mo (who grew up in Baan Unrak and recently graduated in Nursing) is very busy, but she has the situation under control.

So we are taking care of our sick children by ourselves. According to instructions from the hospital, only if some child get very sick, we will call them and they will come to bring the sick child to the hospital.

They will come to test us all again in 14 days.

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