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Covid Testing

In Sangkhlaburi, many people caught Covid. Some of our children also got some symptoms so we tested them and some were showing as positive. To be sure not to spread the virus to all of the children, we have isolated those who are positive for the virus in the clinic.

After receiving a generous donation of one hundred antigen tests, it was time to test everybody.

Even if it's always a little worrying to be tested, that does not prevent us from sticking together to support each other.

Why not even have a little fun?

However, some of our little children were very scared. But look how hard they fight, how brave they are.

The older children didn't feel very comfortable about it, but they handled it perfectly.

Fortunately most of them were negative.

However, some children tested positive.

We are taking care of them. A few of them have a fever and feel sick but most of them are feeling ok.

No matter the masks, no matter the covid, nothing and no one can stop them from smiling.

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