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Creating cartoons and making movies

In this modern world of technology and social media, knowing how to use them is essential, especially for our teenagers who feel like they don’t want to miss out on anything.

We had a two-day workshop on video making and cartoon creation.

The children learned how to take good quality videos, how to edit and publish them, using online applications. They also created cartoons to tell stories.

Ok, time now to get into some serious business!

Making a movie

In one room we had a group of kids who were interested in learning about video-making and editing. They were very enthusiastic to learn new skills they could use in their day-to-day life. The kids had to work in small groups of 3 or 4 but not everyone had their own cell phone, so they had to share one and really work all together to create the best result. For a few hours, they learned the basics of how to take good quality photos and videos to ultimately create a good “film” with a story behind it. Once the theory lesson was over, it was time for them to practice.

They went outside and started to work on their projects:

This was so much fun, they worked fast since they didn’t have much time, but they took it very, very seriously.

The kids put so much effort into it and they came up with so many creative ideas.

Their teacher was very proud of them and how diligently they worked.

In two days they learned so much and these new skills will help them integrate more with their online peers.

Creating a cartoon

Meanwhile, in the other room, the other group was carrying on with the activities on how to create animated cartoons. They started by drawing their favorite character and some kids even draw a version of themselves as a cartoon!

They were so engaged in their work. Some of our kids are really into drawing so for them this was a dream come true to learn some new skills and to give animation to their favorite characters.

The second day of our workshop ended beautifully and with some more games for everybody to enjoy!

Everyone is already looking forward to the next workshop with excitement and till then, there's a lot to practice with!

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