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Dr. Somenath Mitra (homeopathic doctor)

Dr. Mitra has been helping us since 2004. He started his practice in Thailand by serving Baan Unrak. At this time we had so many issues such as sickness and children in poor health. He really puts a lot of energy to help us improve the overall health.

He first came to serve Baan Unrak children with homeopathic medicine. Later on he came again to look after our community’s social welfare. He gave 10 days medical camp for the poor. At that time, hundreds of people came to receive his medicine and medical advice many of them got very good benefit.

Later on he had to return to India but he never stopped his relationship with us. We can call any time and always be taken care of. When we have a case of a child in critical condition he makes himself available to help us 24 hours a day. He can advise us from far and he is always able to direct us to which hospital we have to go to and which kind of doctor we have to see.  He is able to prescribe medicine for just the everyday sickness and also for very difficult and complicate cases.

We are very thankful for the service that he has given for the last fourteen years.

You can visit Dr. Mitra’s site

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