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Extreme weather

It is quite pleasant to live in Sangklaburi. But sometime we experience severe weather conditions.

In the dry season finding water can be a real challenge, in the rainy period there is too much water everywhere.

Right now, we are in one of those situations. It has been raining so heavily this year. The water in the dam and in every creek has swollen enormously. And we are just in the beginning of the raining season.

Fortunately, we are well sheltered here in Sangklaburi .

All my gratitude goes to the generous sponsors who helped us to build our strong houses.

Nevertheless, even though our house is solid, we are struggling against the violence of the storm.

Many existences are being seriously damaged by this adverse weather: most of the secondary roads are impassable and muddy, because of the floods.

Occasionally, the main roads are also damaged and therefore we are isolated from the rest of Thailand.

Time to time we need to suddenly rush to the lake side to save our precious water pump and flouting house with all the equipment. We lost all our crops to the water that this year has raised so suddenly. We have to adapt and stand the water leaks, that can’t be repaired under this weather.

Our guests managed to visit us despite the adverse conditions, but just because they were moved by true determination.

However, happiness never leaves us. Every drop of water makes us happy.

We rejoice in the slavish beauty of the nature. Now it is so green and fresh all around.

Let’s hope that nature will be more tame in the next few months so that we can really enjoy in her bounty.

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