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Faithful friends

We, at Baan Unrak are very fortunate to have many wonderful people and volunteers who are always keen and ready to support us in any ways possible.

We had our old friends from Italy“cuore per un sorriso (a heart for a smile)”, who came for another visit this year and their presence brought so much joy in our hearts and the children’s faces, as we laughed the most during their stay here.

This people are known in Italy as a group of performers who despite their normal busy work life, would find some free time to go around and share happiness with others by dressing up as clowns and perform funny stunts.

Their presence has created a lasting impression in our minds and hearts as they went the extra mile to help us with our long-standing issues. It has become so much easier now to call out for someone or announce any news without needing to exert our voice, since they have fixed our microphone and amplifier system. The issue with the plumbing has been resolved as well and our old chapped off house has received its much-needed uplifting paint work, giving it a fresh lovely look. One of our beloved children, Ishvari, is enjoying her bath time as our friends from “cuore per un sorriso (a heart for a smile)” did their magic in building a safe bathing chair for her.

Not only did they help in the Children’s House, they also extended their help in giving out flyers and managing the cookie sales at our bakery shop. They went to the school and taught our kids some fascinating tricks. That day, we saw some talented aspiring clowns in the making 😊

Towards the end of their stay, they did a performance at the bakery and all of us had the greatest laughter watching them. There were some new visitors coming to the café and they got to watch the show as well as establish new bonds with some of our regular customers.  It is amazing how with determination and fortitude so many things have been achieved by our devoted friends,in such a short time.

We are very grateful for everything they have done and continuously feel inspired by their effort in sharing joy with others as they took some time to go to Burma for relief mission and offered performances for the children there.

We hope to see them again very soon 😊

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