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First Day at School

It's school time!

After two years of Covid, having online classes and two month of vacations, our children were so exited to return to school. They needed and wanted it.

Of course, before leaving, they had to eat a bit and dressed in the school uniform. Thank you all of the big sisters to help the little ones dress up because they are not used to it.

With a big smile on our face, let's hop on the school bus.

The little ones have stayed at home since they were still in kindergarten

Bye bye guys!

These were the first steps to enter our dear school. Every moment was so impressive!

After meeting the teacher, they would be in the classrooms together and talked about all the great things that were going to happen in the coming year.

It was an amazing event for little ones starting their very first year of school. During this ceremony, the children gave their hearts by singing and meditating.

Meanwhile, the older ones were personalizing their classroom. It involved a bit of cleaning but it's worth it!

The ceremony for the little ones was over. Their beloved teacher gave them flowers, a symbol of the beauty that lies within each child. These children are like buds. They can bloom when the knowledge emerge in their heart.

Who said school was a trial? These children enjoyed their first day at least as much as they enjoyed their vacations. At Baan Unrak, we are delighted to know that tomorrow and the next days, they will keep going to this place where they love so much.

See you soon for some new adventures!

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