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Four days of sports

Last week was very intense for the children: it was a sports week, organized by Tonrak Ananda Marga school, where the majority of children are from Baan Unrak Children's home.

Children formed four teams: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Every team stayed united through the whole time, brainstorming strategies, sharing snacks, supporting and cheering the teammates.

Every team was accompanied by a group of enthusiastic cheerleaders to lift the spirits of their friends and teammates.

Every team was aiming to the victory, but still everyone was happy for each other and shared the joy of the process.

Being a team means playing together, for the common goal.

The children of all ages were sharing responsibilities, supporting their mates, helping when someone got hurt. Everyone felt an important part of a community. Small children saw their strong leaders caring about them and learned to follow the guidance.

The sports days started in a relaxed mood from relay race.

However, the relaxed atmosphere quickly shifted to competitive excitement as soon as we saw the first winners. Everyone got covered with the passion of the competition.

Under the burning sun, when the temperature exceeded 30 degrees, the children showed their dedication and amazing skills.

The young age was no barrier to greatness on the field.

Each game was a thrilling display of teamwork, skill, and determination, with every participant giving their all in pursuit of victory.

When it comes to football, the older boys always fight fiercely. They show all the power and strength of the teenage.

But also the younger children, boys and girls, show what they are capable of.

The adrenaline pulsed through the veins of the players who were ready to show their raw athleticism.

Cheering on teammates is almost as hard as playing on the field.

So much tension!

That's why it is so important to relax and to have breaks for ice-cream, fruits and other snacks. And then we are ready to keep going!

Many games were ahead of the teams to select the best one.

In a fair fight, the four groups showed their skills.

Day after day, the competitors did not stop. Tirelessly, they battled for the victory.

On the last day of the four day sports challenge the emotions became intense.

Two leaders of the competition, Green and Yellow teams, clashed in the final battle for the victory.

The Green team was the winner!

After four days of sport battles, they got their well-deserved honor. All, players and cheerleaders, were overwhelmed with joy.

What a great feeling it is, to bring your team to the victory. And here they are, celebrating together.

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