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Gift of water

On the 31st of March, the “friendship group” came to make a difference at Baan Unrak. They brought their beautiful hearts and compassion. It was a great opportunity for our youngest artists to perform in front of an audience. Despite the childrens errors, they forgave all of our faults and stayed attentive through the long performance. They appreciated the vivacity of the children and entertained us with a special lunch.

While everybody was busy singing, dancing and eating, two members of the group were silently working on our water filter. They moved screws, replaced parts, opened tubes and closed others. These two people did not have time to join in the festivities nor eat. They were busily working at repairing a device.

Just before the group left we realized that our water filter (that was not operating for more than 5 years) was fully functioning! It looked very polished and new. The water coming out was completely pure and drinkable!

Besides a generous donation,  they left us the gift of water – the vital force hidden in the bounty of nature. This saves us over 30000 THB annually. Special thanks to our special friends.

Thank you to Pi Noom and his great Friends

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