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Today is the teachers day!

It is a great celebration at Tonrak Ananda Marga School.

It is the time we can express our gratefulness not only for the the knowledge the teachers transfer to us but also for their care and sacrifice for our sake. It is a great value that Baan Unrak home want all our children to have.

We are so glad that the school and the Thai culture reinforce gratefulness and respect.

We respect the Thai culture. Every morning one of the students raises the national flag.

And we all sing the country's anthem together.

Our School's Didi prepared extraordinary music to which we could clap our hands and move in rhythm.

All the kids loved it!

These two boys are really having fun!

It is now time for the children to proceed with the delivery of flowers. Each child gives flowers to one of their teachers.

Saying thank you is not enough. Performing is also a way of showing teachers that now we can do things by ourselves, that the love received allows us to create beauty.

We were all blown away to see one of our shyest kids get up, pick up the mic and sing in front of everyone.

Show must go on !

It was a hilarious drama where we could see a representation of the ravages caused by love in our young people's heart.

It was a day of emotion and sharing. After this very special day we could feel the joy of a fair balance between student and teacher.

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