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Happy Home Coming!

There is always an everlasting love for Baan Unrak and even more so if it has been your home for nearly 19 years. This is the case for Kamala, who came to visit with some of her colleague’s from Luangta Noi Foundation, giving back a little of what her home had given to her.

Kamala was only 10 days when she came to live at Baan Unrak, so she does not know any other mother or care takers other than the ones at Baan Unrak. As she stated many times, Baan Unrak is home! It is the place where she learned to become the young lady that she is today. A place where the exposure of volunteers taught her to speak English, taught her the different cultures of the world, and how to build an independent and strong character.

“Without Baan Unrak, I might not have been alive”, are the words Kamala spoke. “Baan Unrak gave me the opportunity to have a home, to study and a Life”. Didi taught me the difference between good and bad. She helped me to have a good future. “She is the best MOTHER in the world”.

Kamala told her colleagues at the Luangta Noi Foundation  about her life at Baan Urnak, where one woman is running a home, a single mother of 110 children always searching to find money to make sure the children are fed and can go to school to get an education for their future, A place where moral principles are taught and that Love rules all.  This inspired the foundation into wanting to share their love and happiness. So they came with donations which they collected from people and choose the best of the best to give to the children of Baan Unrak.

Mr Thanakrit, who led the group from the Luangta Noi Foundation spoke only kind words to the children. Inspiring them to do good at their home and how they will do their best to come every year and visit the children of Baan Unrak. He also only has kind words for Kamala, saying that her upbringing is a huge benefit to their organization and how happy he is with her.

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