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Healing Mothers’ Heart

If there are so many children in difficulty in Sangklaburi then it can only mean that there are as many mothers in difficulty too. Our doors have always been open for these ladies. However it is just difficult for them to come.

There is a lot of shame involved and it requires a lot of courage to take that first step in a completely new situation. Children are being brought by well-wishers but those mothers have to admit the defeat to their life.They have to come by themselves as they do not dare to reveal to anyone their anguish.

Our bakery, weaving and sewing center is designed to restore dignity and restore a purpose of life. Being able to be near their children’s is a healing by itself.. Mothers in Baan Unrak can bring their babies to work. The work is designed so that they can step out of the job at any time to assist their children. Their needs are the main priority. As they create the bond with BaanUnrak’s community  another kind of healing occur. To feel acceptance and to feel a sense of belonging is a must in order to build up self-confidence  and strength.

We need each other Our children need to see and feel a mother caring love and a mothers need to see and breath the children joviality of life.

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