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High-school graduation

Today is the graduation day of our high-school students.

Didi, care-mothers and relatives are patiently waiting.

While the ceremony is happening, we can spot some of Baan Unrak children.

Can you?

Four girls graduated from high-school today: Fai, Jampen, Aye San and Epiatoo.

Graduation is a big event in children's life, and so it is in life of whole Baan Unrak family. We are so happy for our girls! They have such a bright future ahead.

Two of the girls, Aye San and Epiatoo, are planning to continue their studies at universities.

Epiatoo is very good in English and wants to make it the main business of her life. She can become a translator or a teacher - both choices will give her great opportunities in the future.

Aye San is also preparing for the entrance exam. Her choice is mass media and communication.

The girls are excited to step into the new stage of their lives, but still feel a little bit nervous to leave the safety of Baan Unrak.

They will become independent and grow as personalities. But there is no need to worry, they will always have a big loving family to cover their back.

All of the girls are especially beautiful on this important day.


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