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Homeopathic medical camp in Baan Unrak and Myanmar

A team of homeopathic doctors has visited Baan Unrak.

On this occasion, we invited needy people from the surroundings and prepared some second-hand clothes and toys for them to choose.

When the doctors started their work, we all performed as a team.

The graduates and big children of the home contributed by translating Burmese, Mon and Karen languages, so patients and doctors could understand each other.

Small children helped to prepare the remedies, making new friends at the meanwhile.

Baan Unrak children and staff had their chance to share their concerns.

Big and small, everyone waited patiently for their turn to speak up.

Ishvarii too, took her turn to come to the doctors and get a medicine.

For the next few days we organized the doctor visit to Myanmar, to help the villagers.

The travel was long and challenging, navigating through roads ravaged by heavy rainfall. However, our team remained steadfastly inspired, overcoming every obstacle in the pursuit of service.

Many people came to meet the doctors, hoping to get relief for their pains.

The translators from out Home were ready to support the communication between the doctors and patients, ensuring everyone was heard, understood, and provided with the necessary medication.

We also distributed the eyeglasses to those who required vision assistance.

Within a few days, the doctors attended to over a hundred individuals, offering essential medical assistance. Although their current mission in Myanmar has concluded, they have every intention to return in the future.

To make our work more efficient and significant we are organizing online training sessions for our team and the local Mon medical workers to ensure comprehensive understanding and patient follow-ups. The doctors will also come to conduct the training in person.

Our primary focus is to give medical assistance to those deprived of access to hospitals and clinics. Ensuring the essential necessities for the people within our community remains our first priority.

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