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Ishvari’s Magic Cabinet

To see the world through the eyes of a little child is to see a world of possibilities and wonder. In their innocence they believe still in this mystical land of fairies and dragons.

This more than ever is true for our little Ishvari that was in need of a mirror to see her reflection while doing her rehabilitation exercises.  Her reflection helps her learn the movements and see her own progress.

We are blessed to have such a variety of skills with our volunteers, especially in carpentry and artistry. Theirlatest creation has filled Ishvari with awe. A cabinet was built to store all of our special needs children’s supplies and when opened it reveals a large mirror.  Our volunteer, Soren, built it and another volunteer, Nim, did the painting and drew a mural on the two doors, all within a week!  It truly is a work of art.  Everyone that sees it is enchanted.

Small projects like this are the result of earnest people from all walks of life coming together for a common cause. It’s truly remarkable how they find themselves here, at the right time for us to be in need of their talents.

Thank you so much, for the gift that is not only practical, aesthetically pleasing but also magical.

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