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Love All, Serve All!

We’ve been very lucky to have our friends from Sai Baba organization to come once again to Baan Unrak this year. All the way from Malaysia, Singapore and India, we enjoyed the company of 30 tireless helpers at our Home.

In 3 days, they made so much work for us and the community around us which left us speechless. These are people with normal jobs and families, which decide to devote their holidays to Service. It’s been so inspiring for all the staff and children of Baan Unrak to have them here.

In this article, get a taste of all the things we’ve done together during these very intense and productive days.

Bringing Relief to the Community

Installing Solar Home Light

Painting our Home

Helping with our Agriculture Project

Cooking for All

Sharing Love

Preparing for Christmas

Stay tuned for the the next article, to see how we celebrated Christmas this year!

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