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Everyone knows how important water is for all living things, and we here at Baan Unrak are no exception. Water is the source of life, even in origin. For many years, we celebrated Loykrathong (Thai traditional festival in honor of water) Unfortunately we were unable to go this year, so we held our own little party to send love and show appreciation to Mother Water.

Here within our community walls we filled a little swimming pool with water and placed flowers and Krathongs (decorative boats made of leaves and flowers) inside.

During our quaint and intimate ceremony the moon appeared from behind the clouds and made the entire event magical.

Our elder children tried to spread our own joy to others by building beautiful Krathongs to sell at the festival.

We also sold cakes and clothes to benefit Baan Unrak. As the market reached its peak during the night, the smaller children joined the larger children in participating at the festival.

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