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Meditating and Singing for the Universe

Our meditations are now held separately for big boys, big girls, and small children, so to avoid crowding. Even so, our meditations these days are longer and more powerful than ever, as we are sending our Love through all the universe, and to everybody around the world.

The octagonal Pagoda, on the top of Baan Unrak hill, is the most extraordinary place of our Children’s Home. Before, we used to meditate here only on very special occasions…

Up here, it is also where our water, coming from the lake, “rests” in the hexagonal Water Tank and gets purified, vibrated with positive energy from our deepest meditations, before being distributed down to our rooms.

Now that humanity is crying, we are meditating here every day. This is our action of Love towards all.

Small Children’s Meditation

At 7 in the morning, accompanied by the care mothers, it is the little ones’ turn to sing for the world.

Girls’ Meditation

At 5 in the afternoon, it is the girls’ moment to feel the Bliss, and spread loving energy.

Boys’ Meditation

At 7 in the evening, by candlelight, it is the boys’ turn to do Service to the Universe.

The boys’ 30 minutes Kiirtan is an explosion of energy, accompanied by Pi Tawit’s electric guitar.

Hands up, reaching to the sky as if to try holding it all in an infinite, loving hug, the eyes closed, singing as one, at the top of our lungs, Baba Nam Kevalam. Love is All.

Directing our minds towards the infinite, loving consciousness has a life-transforming power. This special chanting purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation.

We meditate for 15 minutes, cross-legged, back straight, focused and centered, ideating on the Love vibration which pervades all things.

Collective Meditation

When Saturday morning comes, all Baan Unrak is traditionally brought together, the big and the small. In this occasion, after the collective meditation Didi always gives us an inspiring speech.

We now perform it at the top of the hill too. Up here, we can still be all together, while also maintaining the “social distance”.

This Saturday morning, the big boys stood on top of the concrete water tank; the small children and care mothers on the upper floor of the wooden pagoda; the big girls among the columns on the ground floor. Every Saturday they will rotate on each of these 3 spaces.

At the end, as usual, we do the Kaoshiki and Tandava dance, vibrating with positive energy all our surroundings and beyond.

When we leave, we keep our cosmic family inside our heart.

Our quarantine is a precious opportunity for us to become more spiritual oriented, more sensitive to others, and focused to spread Love through all we do.

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