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Mother’s Day

The big day came and Meyai (Didi) returned home just in time from her trip.

She came just in time to witness the smiles and the tears in her children’s faces.

The children Welcomed Didi back with so much relief.

Now they could perform their ritual of love and appreciation.

The children needed Didi to complete the celebration that they had prepared

‘Mother’ is a sacred word here at Baan Unrak.

Mother’s day is the most loved and most dreaded day of the year for Baan Unrak children.  It is an extremely emotional festival celebrated throughout Thailand. It is the Queen’s day.

This year the children practised and planned everything in advance. It is the day they have to surprise their Mom in the sweetest manner. Everything was ready! There are many mothers in Baan Unrak, but only one Meyai (big mother). She has always be with the children since the very beginning. She has always been by their side. They needed her to be able to celebrate and honor this very special and much anticipated heart-breaking festival.

Didi was indeed surprised by the lovely ceremony early in the day and a Happy Mother’s Day cake in the evening.

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