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New road around our Home

We would like to share the joy of our children with the newly built road.

The old muddy road was uncomfortable, especially in the rainy season when it became incredibly slippery.

This made daily tasks challenging and restricted car access to some areas.

Making the road was not a quick and easy process!

Once a heavy rain destroyed a significant part of the road and we had to start over.

Now, when the work is done, the children can enjoy the road around the Home.

It will protect from the risk of falling down on slippery mud. The remoted places are now easily reachable even for our handicapped children.

The children and the staff all are very happy with the improvement of the home.

We want to say thank you to our friends, who contributed to building the road and improvement of the children's lives.

Our sponsors for this project:

Amici Nel Mondo SK Foundation for Social Wellbeing

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