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One of our Extraordinary Graduated Children

Today we received a very pleasant and unexpected visit.

It was Lochoy, he came from far away from the north east of Thailand where he is an english teacher.

Lochoy arrived in our place in 2005 but he did not come alone. He came with his own sister.

In a short time, he became very close to the children of Baan Unrak and we came to know his extraordinary talents.

Naturally curious, he loved to learn and do many things.

He really is an artist and that leads him to perform in several kinds of show.

He is the one that designed the show and the uniforms to wear.

He wrote many songs for Baan Unrak. Those songs are still loved and sang by Baan Unrak Children in every occasion as possible.

While he was studying at the university, he came to know about his brother and, as family is one of nature's masterpieces, he could not leave him alone and quickly he brought him to our Baan Unrak family.

Today Lochoy joined the ranks of our graduated children and came to visit us.

Every time he comes to visit Baan Unrak, we are very happy. He is a teacher now. He is very committed for every thing that he does and took his role very seriously.

He is spreading his skills to the children that come in contact with him. He certainly participate to build a better world.

Lochoy and his sister Faith are both working nowadays while Narayan is still with us.


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