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Online Shows!

Even though we have been in lockdown for the most part of this year, we still have been busy with so many activities, and we managed to share and stay connected to the world outside through online streamings.

We celebrated a Wedding online!

We sang, danced, and performed a special meditation and wedding ceremony for the newlyweds, then we had special meals…

The bride and groom wanted us to be very happy on their special day, and we made sure to make them very happy too, with…

A Super Funny Show!

…Here comes the wedding cake!

…enough with the cake!


Our musical group spread the Love to everyone, everywhere… with a beautiful song:

“Love is Everything”

Written by Baan Unrak child Lochoy, solo singers Praipana and Mali… Enjoy the video!


The girls performed a mystical Indian dance…

“Ajana Pathik” – Unknown Traveler


We closed with the…

AcroYoga Show!

Here the videos:

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