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Our care givers

Many woman who fled from Burma came to Thailand to build a new life for themselves. Some of these woman were studying and others were teachers. Some found jobs in the Thai community and others tried to pick up their careers as teachers in Thailand. Unfortunately not all of them met the Thai requirements and found themselves looking for ways to sustain themselves.

Many of these woman found their way to Baan Unrak to stay for awhile until they could figure out a way to survive. Didi was able to help some of these woman to gain an education others were able to contribute to Baan Unrak in different way’s. Most of them became our care givers. Didi was very impressed with their dedication and their sacrifice. They really love the children but they also wanted to fulfill their dreams as educators.

Soon enough they came up with the initiative to create the kindergarten school. This way they could utilize their passion for teaching during the day and after their duties they could apply their love for the children as care givers, remaining with them through out the rest of the day and night .

Our on-site volunteer, English teacher Mark from EWF which is a charitable organization of teachers, teaching for free, has introduced different learning methods to the teachers of the kindergarten and he has been training them on how to use these resources like Puppets  (finger puppets and hand puppets), a folder full of laminated flashcards and he has installed some equipment’s for teaching through digital resources. In addition he has also taught our teacher Melek on how to use the equipment.

Through his method we expect that soon enough the children will be wanting to practice singing and dancing to the songs they have learned in their nursery.

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